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Samsungs 40 Models Will Be Upgrade To Android Oreo 8.0

Android system, will attract many users attention, after all, can not use the new features, there will be any new changes, these are One of the things users are really concerned about their love phone. Therefore, we also see that when Android 8.0 upgrade news, we are happy to enjoy themselves.




Samsung in the Android phone camp, the system has always been Samsung need to be polished as part of. At present, we focus to see more Samsung S8 and Samsung Note8 these two products, according to the current performance of Android 7.1.1 seems remarkable. Today, Samsung finally gives the arrangements and plans to upgrade Android 8.0. This time, there will be more than 40 models of Samsung mobile phones support Android 8.0, for Samsung users, it is really a very good thing.





Samsung S6 and Samsung Note5 this old phone support, it can be said is still very good, see Samsung has not given up the old model of this attitude, but also obtained Many users appreciate. But this time in the process of upgrading, there are many netizens said that the original upgrade Android7.1.1, the phone on the card do not want to, now also upgrade Android8.0, will not be stuck ah?



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